William Shakespare

“My crown is called content,
a crown that seldom kings enjoy”
"Aaahhh yes.  Friend, I find the content on your site fresh, informative, relevant, helpful and entertaining. Because of this I will likely come back for more sage advice.  More importantly, since the modern search engine uses social indicators, such as Facebook Likes and Twitter Retweets, as a measure of quality, my friends might find you more easily too.  Oh heck maybe I can just sign up for your newsletter or take a look at your services."  
(that's what you want him to say, right? Yeah, we thought so.)
Call us. Let's talk about getting this guy to your doorstep! 


Brian Meeks

Phone 734 678 9303

Ann Arbor MI 48108

Richard Washington


Ann Arbor MI 48108


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